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Research Assistant visa Sponsorship 2022/23 – Apply Now

Research Assistant visa Sponsorship: We are looking for a friendly and motivated analytical assistant to work on MRC-funded research investigating the processes involved in respiratory organ inflammation.

The Mackenzie laboratory collaborates across medical specialization and biological research to better understand the immunological mechanisms involved in inducing respiratory organ inflammation.
We investigate a group of hereditary diseases known as “type I interferonopathies,” which may be linked to respiratory organ inflammation. We intend to know a lot about the pathways leading to inflammation and apply them to a lot of frequent respiratory organ diseases by learning well-known sequence abnormalities that cause these disorders.
Prior experience with sterile tissue culture procedures, as well as some knowledge of prior experience with sterile tissue culture procedures, certain biology skills, and an understanding of how to perform studies are all required.

The Possibility:

The position provides the opportunity to be a part of an exciting project that will use a variety of techniques with a focus on the last respiratory organ “organoid” approaches to check respiratory organ inflammation. Immunologic, genetic, and biology techniques will be used to identify a variety of concerning immune pathways involved in respiratory organ inflammation and how these pathways can be therapeutically targeted.

Your success talents and characteristics are as follows:

  • A bachelor’s degree in medicine, biology, or another field related to the study, as well as a desire to research respiratory organ inflammation.
  • Experience with sterile tissue culture procedures is required.
  • Experience in mistreatment biology methods like PCR and RT-qPCR.
  • The precision with experimental procedures.
  • Good communication skills and accurate record-keeping are required.

As a respected part of our team, you can anticipate the following:

It’s an exciting, optimistic, creative, demanding, and rewarding place to work. We tend to provide you with assistance, encourage your skill, and reward accomplishment. You may want a competitive compensation package and a wide range of employee perks, such as a large vacation claim, an established benefits pension theme, employee discounts, family-friendly programs, flexible working, and plenty more. For further information, visit our staff edges page (opens in a new browser tab) and use our incentive calculator to determine the total cost of pay and edges offered.

In acknowledgment of our dedication to advancing gender equality in educational activities, the University of Edinburgh has received a Silver Athene SWAN award. We are members of the Race Equality Charter, and we are also Stonewall European national Diversity Champions, actively advocating LGBT equality.

Important information for candidates:

It is expected that interviews will be conducted within 1-2 weeks following the advertisement deadline.

If you are asked for an interview, you may be required to provide documentation of your legal status to work in the United Kingdom. More information is available on our right-to-work website (opens new browser tab).

Please direct casual inquiries to Dr. Karen Mackenzie (

The University is able to fund the utilization of international personnel in this function. If roaring, a global individual wanting sponsorship to work in the United Kingdom must meet the United Kingdom Home Office’s English language requirements and apply for and get a skilled worker Visa.

Inflammation Analysis Center

The CIR Director (Professor David Dockrell) uses peer-reviewed knowledge base analytic programs and focused cooperation to characterize acute and chronic inflammatory pathways. The CIR strives to characterize what promotes health at the cellular level in order to avoid the negative effects of inflammation in therapeutic medicine.

The effort is aimed at: inhibiting the initiation of inflammation by blocking specific molecular triggers and modulating cellular and tissue responses that lead to organ dysfunction; developing new approaches to modulate established inflammatory responses to limit tissue injury; promoting safe resolution of inflammation to restore healthy tissue structure and performance.

A special emphasis is placed on tissue pathology, which is the outcome of long-term detrimental inflammation, with programs examining the processes behind pathology resolution and non-invasive monitoring and imaging.

The CIR has a broad interest in illness in a wide range of tissues, including the lungs, kidney, liver, pancreas, colon, bone, joints, skin, heart, and brain. In-depth analyses of stimuli that produce or modulate inflammation are conducted, with comprehensive programs taking into account the impact of sex, development, auto-immunity, infection, and other environmental effects. Significantly, the concepts discovered may be applied to inflammatory and reparatory responses in nearly all physiological and pathological contexts, including cancer and infection (not least COVID-19).

The translation is aided by our dedication to innovative diagnostic and imaging technologies, as well as our closeness to patient teams and healthy volunteers at the Royal Hospital for Sick Children in Edinburgh.

The CIR will be housed in cutting-edge facilities within the Institute of Regeneration and Repair beginning in 2023. Our research intends to connect closely with the goal of IRR and alternative centers within IRR, which is to market human health via an in-depth understanding of tissue regeneration and repair while building a multi-pronged translational program to affect therapeutic innovation in this field. IRR may be located in Edinburgh’s BioQuarter field.

What We Do

As a world-class research-intensive university, we have a propensity to square measure in order to meet tomorrow’s most difficult issues. Between now and 2030, we will do this through a values-driven approach to teaching, analysis, and innovation, as well as the strength of our regional and worldwide ties.

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