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Painter jobs in Canada at Millennium Drywall Ltd Latest Opportunities

Painter jobs in Canada at Millennium Drywall Ltd Latest Opportunities: Candidates who meet this job requirement should apply because this is a full-time position with flexible work hours. Interviews will be held, and candidates who perform well will be hired and begin their employment process right away. LMIA has approved this job position.

Comprehensive job description

The chosen candidate is accountable for:

  • Painting and finishing interior and exterior surfaces
  • Using putty and plaster to fill cracks and holes
  • Applying wallpaper to walls made of other fabrics
  • Providing protection for exposed objects and surfaces
  • Price quotation and negotiation for a job
  • Purchasing painting supplies
  • Using varnishes and sealants to achieve a long-lasting finish
  • Keeping the workplace clean
  • Keeping leftover paint in its proper place
  • Creating the desired color and texture by blending paints
  • ensuring that the project is completed successfully

Ideal career specification

The chosen candidate must do the following:

  • Arrive at work early.
  • Must be result-oriented
  • Have a positive attitude and be energetic
  • It must be simple to communicate with. It must be friendly and bondable.
  • Possess strong interpersonal and decision-making abilities.
  • Possess strong oral and written communication skills.
  • Must be customer-focused
  • Good morals and ethics are required.
  • Should be skilled at planning and time management.

Extensive experience is required

The chosen candidate must have a high school diploma and at least 2-3 years of experience working in a related role/industry.

Type of contract

Full-time employment


English fluency


Surrey, British Columbia

Working Environment

The chosen candidate would work in conditions such as:

  • Long periods of standing or bending are endured.
  • When necessary, working overtime is required.
  • Must be able to meet tight deadlines.
  • Repetitive tasks are completed on a regular basis.

Workplace environment

The chosen candidate would work in an environment where:

  • Working in odorous environments is done.
  • Strict compliance with safety regulations is required.
  • Working in hot, cold, and warm weather
  • Good eye-hand coordination is required.


The chosen candidate would earn $24.50-$26.00 per hour while working 30-40 hours per week.

How to Apply:

Submit the Application by Email address:

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