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Does iMovie crash when you import? The Fix is Here

Assuming that you’re irritated in light of the fact that your iMovie continues crashing while bringing in, you’re in good company! This is a typical issue that numerous iMovie clients face. It is ordinary to the point that you are most likely asking why it hasn’t been settled. Video altering utilizing iMovie can be a bad dream along these lines.

At a point, I thought there was no arrangement. I explored places like Quora and Reddit, even the Apple application store. I even attempted to change my framework inclinations, despite everything, it required me a long investment to fix iMovie. Sooner or later, I even thought to be changing my video proofreader program. Fortunately, I had the option to track down an answer for my concern.

For that reason in this post I will show you how to fix iMovie so you don’t need to go off the deep end attempting to track down an answer. I will initially impart to you the absolute most normal reasons for when iMovie continues crashing while bringing in project records, and I will later examine a few arrangements that will doubtlessly help you.

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Why is Your iMovie Crashing When Importing?

I’m an Apple MacBook Pro client on the most fundamental level, and despite the fact that I love their items, I get baffled each time I attempt to import a video to iMovie. As a general rule, I will get a blunder report or iMovie will crash. Right away, when this began to occur, I figured the issue may be a direct result of the iCloud, so I chose to change my library envelope. In any case, the issue continued to happen.

I kept on doing various tests attempting to focus on the heart of the matter. I wound up distinguishing a few significant motivations behind why iMovie was crashing.

Here are the possible motives:

  • The clearest one: the document you are attempting to import is debased, so the iMovie crashes. For this situation, you want to work with an alternate document.
  • A comparative circumstance happens when you attempt to import a video whose codecs are not upheld by iMovie. Video codecs consider video records to be compacted and de-pressurizeed, so in the event that the document codec isn’t upheld, indeed, iMovie doesn’t have the foggiest idea how to manage it and you get a record codec issue.
  • One of the most widely recognized issues is the point at which the variant of iMovie you are utilizing isn’t viable with the macOS rendition you are utilizing. This is a simple fix as it just expects you to refresh to the most recent variant of your OS. In the first place, figure out what macOS variant you have. It very well may be High Sierra, macOS Mojave, Mountain Lion, or another.
  • Other normal mix-ups like run-time mistakes and assemble time blunders can likewise happen during the change cycle. If so, then, at that point, you may be in for a harsh ride. Ideally, this isn’t your case.

Beside the last thing in the rundown, there are answers for each case. Continue to peruse to figure out additional subtleties.

iMovie Import Solutions

Here are a few answers for when your iMovie continues crashing while bringing in records:

  • On the off chance that the document you are working with is tainted, make a point to utilize an alternate one. Some of the time this is preposterous. To stay away from this, make a point to keep various duplicates of the record. Overt repetitiveness with document the executives is really smart assuming you are working with basic records.
  • For the situations where you face an inconsistent video codec or an obsolete adaptation of your iMovie or macOS, you can attempt to refresh the most recent rendition or introduce the right codec. This Apple guide may be helpful.
  • In the event that the issue is run-time or gather time blunder, you will, sadly, need to hold on until another variant of iMovie is delivered. iMovie frequently begins in a product bug, so it really depends on the improvement group to tackle it.
  • On certain events, you just need to erase inclinations. That’s what to do, first, actuate protected mode, and afterward while on iMovie, press one of the order keys while holding down the choice key until you see the exchange box that permits you to erase inclinations.
Does iMovie crash when you import? The Fix is Here

Why Does iMovie Not Let Me Import?

At this point you have ideally distinguished your concern and you are done wondering why iMovie won’t allow you to import project documents. Attempt the recommended arrangements as a whole and track down one that works. In the event that that isn’t true, I prescribe conversing with a genuine master or straightforwardly to Apple support. Assuming your iMovie continues crashing while bringing in, you can address it with the useful arrangements I referenced.


Try not to surrender assuming you feel disappointed. Probably, an answer generally exists and has been shared by somebody. I genuinely want to believe that you found this article valuable and above all, I truly want to believe that you had the option to settle your iMovie issues while bringing in documents so you can go on with your video altering.

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