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Hotel Jobs in Poland For Foreigners 2022/23 – Apply Now

Hotel Jobs in Poland for Foreigners are genuine and available on this page, which includes all of the procedures required for a foreigner to work in Poland as well as application links.

Hotel jobs in Poland allow you to broaden your expertise by joining a great team, working in a beautiful atmosphere, and executing your services while honing your hospitality skills.

Position Description

For foreigners to work in hotels or anywhere else, they must obtain a work permit (there are many types of work permits) and a residency permit. The rest of the material is highlighted below.

A work permit is a document that allows a foreigner to work lawfully in Poland if the foreigner has a legal basis for residency that allows them to do employment under certain conditions.

Work permits are classified as follows:

  • Type A – acquired in the case of a foreigner working in Poland under an agreement with an entity whose seat or residence is a branch, plant, or similar type of organized business in Poland.
  • Type B – is obtained in the case of a foreigner who will perform work consisting of performing a function in the management board of a legal person registered as an entrepreneur or being a capital company in an organization, or in connection with running the affairs of a limited partnership or limited joint-stock partnership as a general partner, or in connection with granting them a procuration for a total period exceeding six months in consecutive 12 months.
  • Type C – acquired in the event of a foreigner who will work for a foreign employer and will be assigned to a branch or plant of a foreign business or a linked entity in Poland for more than 30 days in a calendar year.
  • Type D – acquired in the event of a foreigner who will work for a foreign employer who does not have a branch, business, or other forms of organized activity on Polish territory and will be assigned to a section of Poland to offer temporary and occasional service (export service).
  • Type E – issued for a foreigner who will work for a foreign employer and is assigned to the Polish territory for more than 30 days in a six-month period for a reason other than the type B, C, or D permits.
  • Type S – acquired for a foreigner who will work in the field of activities listed in the Minister of Family, Labour, and Social Policy Regulation of December 8, 2001.

Hotel Employment Opportunities for Foreigners

Hilton Hotel and Resorts

Foreigners can work at the Hilton Hotel & Resorts.

  1. A Sales Executive

This hotel needs a Sales Manager. Roles include analyzing local market trends and competitor activity to offer tactics that keep the hotel a market leader by developing repeat business.

  1. Food and beverage development supervisor

A Food and Beverage Supervisor is required to oversee the operations of Food and Beverage outlets in order to provide an exceptional Guest and Member experience while working with the team to meet departmental objectives.

  1. Floor Manager

As a Floor Supervisor, you are in charge of managing room attendants in order to provide an exceptional Guest and Member experience.

A Floor Supervisor will be responsible for assisting the head housekeeper and monitoring standards. You will be specifically responsible for accomplishing the following duties to the highest standards.

  1. Executive Assistant Housekeepers

As Assistant Executive Housekeeper, you will be in charge of assisting with the oversight of housekeeping operations in order to provide an outstanding Guest and Member experience.

An Assistant Executive Housekeeper will also be needed to help the Executive Housekeeper/Housekeeping Manager with standards monitoring.

  1. Front-desk worker

As a Receptionist, you will provide reception services to Guests in order to contribute to an overall excellent experience from check-in to check-out, as well as conduct audits as needed.

A Receptionist contributes to our Guests’ first impressions and must therefore perform the following tasks to the highest standards.

Final Thoughts on Hotel Jobs in Poland for Foreigners in 2022/2023

You may see the above Hotel Jobs In Poland listings. For ex-pats who want to learn and work in a strategic atmosphere.

With this collection of Hotel Jobs in Poland For Foreigners In Poland, you have no limitations in taking them up to begin your employment.

The preceding post provides critical information regarding Hotel Jobs In Poland For Foreigners in 2022/2023 for foreigners to begin applying.

Following your search, application, and selection, you can enjoy a rich and rewarding additional dimension to your life and work to gain a beautiful experience.

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